These guys were awesome. Looking forward to future projects.
— Jim Busch, Innisbrook Golf Resort

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Extremely knowledgeable regarding how to move any size piece. They were courteous and respectful. The amount of time Paul estimated it would take was right on the money.” –Barbara

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Paul Hauls Moving, Packing and Storage is an excellent choice when you are looking for movers Tarpon Springs. We are a moving company located a short distance away in Palm Harbor. Tarpon Springs residents can move on short notice or the same day if there is a need to make an immediate move.We are a full-service moving company so we can help you move locally or long distance. Either way, we feel we are the best choice for people looking for quality movers near Tarpon Springs.

Tarpon Springs residents will not be disappointed with our movers. Our movers are efficient and friendly. We take great care when packing your belongings and moving your boxes. Nothing is thrown around or treated badly. We have well maintained moving equipment and one of the largest moving trucks in Pinellas county. Our top rating (A+) with the Better Business Bureau is a testament to our customer satisfaction.

If you want to move with a local family owned moving company, we are at your service. Our location in Palm Harbor is just a short distance from Tarpon Springs and we know the area well. We have been working and living in this area all our lives. North Pinellas is our home as well as the place we work. You will get exceptional service when our family moves your family. When you are choosing a mover, please choose Paul Hauls Moving, Packing And Storage.

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More About Tarpon Springs, Florida

Tarpon Springs is a colorful city with a rich history. It is a destination for tourists and a great place to live. That is why we love to move Tarpon Springs residents. We just like being there.

The first thing you think about when you hear the name Tarpon Springs is the Sponge Docks and the Greek community. Greeks began to move into the community in the 1880’s when they were hired as divers for the growing sponge industry. Now, Tarpon Springs has the largest percentage of Greek residents of any city in the US. That is not to say that Tarpon Springs has the largest population of Greek residents. The total population of Tarpon Springs is around 21,000 at the 2000 census. There are large populations of Greeks in some of the larger metropolitan areas of the USA, such as New York and Chicago, to name just two.

Sponge harvesting was a thriving industry, generating millions of dollars annually until 1947 when a red tide algae bloom killed the sponge fields. This had a devastating effect on the sponge harvesting industry and it was all but ruined. After the devastating red tide algae bloom of 1947, most of the fishing industry was converted into shrimping and the sponge warehouses were converted into tourist shops. This was the period when Tarpon Springs changed into the charming tourist town that we know and love today.

Today, Tarpon Springs remains a thriving tourist town and still has a small commercial fishing fleet. However, most of the activity on the water involves pleasure boats and charter trips for fishing and general tours. Onshore, excellent Greek restaurants and exotic shops dot the Sponge Dock District. The real charm of Tarpon Springs is that it retains the character of its roots in the Greek community. Its character has not been papered over with high-rise hotels and chain restaurants.

Tarpon Springs has a rich tradition and history and if you spend some time there you will get to know that many unique elements that make it special. One event of special note takes place each year in Tarpon Springs: On January 6, the Greek Orthodox Church in Tarpon Springs celebrates the Epiphany with an elaborate ceremony. This year marked the 105th Epiphany celebration held in Tarpon Springs.

All in all, Tarpon Springs is one of our favorite places. We love to help people from Tarpon to move just so we can get out there. But don’t worry, we won’t linger. We pride ourselves on our fast and friendly service.

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