Local Movers In Island Estates. This week we were at 660 Diamond Isle, Island Estates in Clearwater, moving a couple from a highrise, which you see pictured below, to their newly remodeled home in Island Estates. We are out in Island Estates in Clearwater often. It is the location of one of our favorite attractions in Tampa, the Clearwater Aquarium: home of Winter!

Islan Estates Clearwater Movers

During the job is started raining cats and dogs. If you watch to local Tampa weather you will know that there was a squall line coming trough from the south west. It hit the lower part of Tampa Bay pretty hard, but we were spared the worst of it. However, the rain did come down and there was lots of lightening.

Quality Local Movers In Island Estates

Moving on a day like that is no problem. We cover all the items affected by rain with protective wrapping to ensure that the weather is not a factor in the move. Unless the client is directly in the squall line and there are reports of tornadoes, we do the work. The bad part of these squalls is that they can leave a lot of damage, the good part is that they pass fast and you can usually accomplish what you set out to do on the same day.

If you are moving to or from Island Estates in Clearwater, choose Paul Hauls for you moving needs. We are the Clearwater movers you can trust.

Local Movers In Island Estates – Moving Day

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