Florida has a tropical climate. It is hot and wet in the summer and mild and dry in the winter. So, you would think that people would choose to move in the winter more that in the summer. Florida weather for moving in so much nicer. You do not have to worry about lightning so much either if you move in the winter.

However, most people here in Florida, choose to move in the summer.  Summer is the busiest moving season in Florida. Do Floridians like those hot, wet, and dangerous summer days? No. There are lot’s of other considerations when people move, not just the weather.

Many people who move have families and kids in school. Parents do not like to take their kids out of school during the middle of the semester because it is upsetting for the kids to be uprooted, and even more so if they have to change schools during the middle of the semester.  That is not so much a problem if the move is short and they can either stay at the same school, but most often that is not an option.

Another reason people move is a change in job. I’d say this is probably the biggest reason for a move. People change jobs quite often during their lifetime and many of those jobs require a move. And if they do not require a move, new jobs are often the source of new income and new opportunity.

So, people move because they need or want new housing. Looking for a better more affordable place to live is something we do all the time.  Very few up us are living in the ideal spot or apartment. It sometimes takes time to even realize what we want out of a home. Then, as our situations change, marriage, family, old age, our housing needs change.

All these reasons and more bring about our desire and need to move into a new home. But, based on statistics and summer moves are the most popular here in Florida. Regardless of when you plan to make your move in Florida. We are here to help. If you need the best movers in Tampa to help, give us a call or fill out our online estimate. You’ll be glad you did.

A Good Time To Move
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