hoisting Couch Diring A Move In Island Estates, Clearwater, FloridaLast week we had a job in Island Estates, a part of Clearwater Beach, Florida. We were moving a client from one high-rise apartment to another in Island Estates. The client we were moving was going from a 7th story apartment to a 4th story apartment. Everything on the job was going smoothly without a hitch until we arrived at the destination.

The Couch Would Not Fit

Our client owned a large couch and the couch absolutely would not fit in the elevator or the stairwell. It was simply too large. We tried every which way to get it through those doors. You probably don’t know this but Paul was in the merchant marine when he was younger and know a lot of knots: knots that you could stake you life on.

The couch you see in the picture being hoisted up by our moving crew was never in any danger of coming loose on the way up. You will notice that the couch was wrapped for protection so no damage would occur during the hoist. As you can see we had three strong guys at the top.

At the end of this move, the client was very happy. It is difficult to plan for situations like this. Unless the item is obviously too large to move, then you have to make adjustments onsite and be creative about it. Had Paul not been confident and knowledgeable about his knots, this couch would not have made it into the apartment.

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