movers hard at work in TampaWhen you are moving into a new home, you are most likely not going to have the furniture in exactly the same place that you had the old furniture. The size of the new home will be different. The rooms will be different sizes and the light will be coming into the home from different angles. There are many reasons why you will not duplicate the setup you had in your old home, and very few to keep the old furniture setup. Save time and money with a furniture map.

Map Out Location Of Furniture In New Home

When you move, you are most likely to have some heavy furnishings. You don’t want to move them around your new home after theĀ  move. You want the movers to do all the heavy lifting. After all, you are paying for the move. That is why it is a good idea to spend some time in the new home and thing about how you want to furniture arranged. A little bit of planning can save you the trouble of having to move furniture around after the move.

Plan Out Your Moving Day

So, when moving day comes around, have someone at the new home that can help direct the movers to put the furniture in the right spots. If, for some reason, you will not be able to have someone at the new home when the movers arrive to assist with the furniture placement, you can make a little map of where the big items are to be places. You can mark out the TV and entertainment center area, the location of big cabinets and tables. Anything that is big an heavy is a candidate for being on the map. Leave the map at your location and let our movers do the rest.

There are a lot of things going on when you move and this is one of the details that gets lost in the stress and hurry of a move. However, if you can find the time, you will make the process of settling into your new home easier and quicker.

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