When you are moving your home or small business with our moving company, you are in good hands. We will guide you through the moving process and do everything
to make sure that it goes smoothly and successfully. Good professional movers can reduce the stress and errors that go with moving your home or office.

Moving can be stressful and uncertain, so in this post we will go over some of the
things you can do to make the move easier and describe our process so you will know exactly what to expect.

Getting Ready for Moving Day

Getting ready to move can be stressful, but some planning will help avoid errors on your moving day and relieve some stress. When you are talking to your mover (Paul, when you choose our moving company), it is good to know beforehand how many rooms you are moving and identify any unusual items. Unusual items are items that are heavy or large or unusually shaped or fragile. These will need special care. Telling Paul how many rooms is usually enough to get an estimate of how many boxes you will need.

Even better, you can fill out our free online estimate. This will take care of much of
the planning and give you a cost estimate at the same time. Paul is extremely
good at making an accurate estimate based on our free estimate moving form.

Just so you know, we provide free wardrobe boxes on every move. Additionally,
if you buy boxes from us, we buy back all unused boxes. You just pay for
what you use. It gets even better. Call for our packaging and storage specials going on right now!

Making the Move

On the day of the move, we will arrive at your home or office and begin the loading process. All the pieces that are being moved will be inspected. If any of your items need additional packaging, we will add the extra layer to make sure they arrive unharmed. The condition of each item is noted and the item loaded on the truck.

Some carriers require a itemized list, but we consider an itemized list
optional. Local moves never benefit from the time it takes to count each item and
the cost savings is significant. Long distance moving sometimes benefits from making a itemized list. It largely depends on how far you are moving and if the items are going to be in the truck for any period of time. We leave that decision up to you.

Once the loading is complete, we will transport your belongings to your new home or

Now that we are on the road and half-way through, I thought I’d take a moment to
say that we are extremely flexible and sensitive to the needs of our customers. We are not talking about a midnight move to Havana! We are talking about high quality personal service! What that means is we accommodate your needs for scheduling and packaging without any hidden or additional costs. We hire reliable and responsible people and we know them personally. Our movers are professional full-time employees.

Unpacking at Your Destination

When we arrive at your destination, we will unload the items. To make this part
go smoothly you will want to know which room they belong in. Our movers will put them in their proper places, assemble as needed, and go through a final inspection with you. Payment is due upon completion of the job.

Damaged or Missing Items

On the rare occasions when an item is damaged or missing from the move, you can
rest easy in the knowledge that we are fully insured. Additionally,
you can get added value insurance for special items.  There has never been
a missing item in any of our moves. There are no strangers on our crew!
Things do get damaged from time to time. When that happens we guarantee to
fix or replace at current value any item damaged in the move.

We are licensed, insured, and A+ with the Better Business

You are in good hands when you move your home or small business
with Paul Hauls moving company.

We take the stress out of moving.

Moving with Professional Movers
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