When home owners replace their flooring, they need to do something with the furniture while the flooring work is being done. More often than not, when flooring is replaced, all of it has to be done. The best and most convenient thing to do when replacing the flooring is to have the furniture removed, put in storage, and then put back when the new floor is completed. Safe, effective and secure temporary furniture storage.


  • Convenient
  • Insured
  • Affordable
  • Stress-Free

At Paul Hauls, we take pride in doing this type of job to perfection. Before moving the furniture, we take extensive pictures so that when the furniture goes back, you will not even know that it was ever moved. Inch perfect!

Whenever you need to move your furniture temporarily, you should call a mover. Why take risks with expensive and cherished furnishings. When you do the moving yourself, will you remember to get insurance for damage? That is not needed when you hire a moving company. All moves are fully insured and the storage facility is completely climate controlled and safe when you move with Paul Hauls.

Inch Perfect Temporary Furniture Storage

Temporary Furniture Storage When Replacing Flooring

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