Indian Rocks Movers - Fast And Friendly Moving With Paul HaulsDid you choose the moving company with the lowest rate? If you did, you may be in for a surprise when moving day comes around and the movers are nowhere in sight. You call the company and they say “sorry, we will try to get to you at the end of the day, or we will need to reschedule.” Your stranded, and may have to call another company and pay really big costs to move on short notice. What happened?

Some moving companies offer really great rates until they fill their books. Then, they raise their rates and get additional jobs. The higher rate jobs are often booked on the same day as the lower rate jobs. When the day for the move comes around, the mover does the higher paying job. The person who thought they had booked a super cheap move is left stranded. No call, no notice.

Some Movers Overbook

This is the way some moving companies do business. They fill their books and then raise their prices. So, people who look for the lowest costs are putting themselves at risk of being stranded if the company booked a higher paying job on the same day.

At lot goes into moving. There are days and sometimes weeks of preparation for the move. Arrangements are made at the new home for services and you may have other time dependent activities scheduled around the move. There is nothing worse than getting stranded on you moving day.

Moving Costs Tend To Equal Out

Although going with the lowest priced mover may be tempting, don’t do it. More often than not, the costs equal out. Sometimes the movers seem to move in slow motion, sometimes your furniture gets taken hostage while additional charges are demanded and sometimes you just get stranded. Don’t let that happen to you.

Moving companies that charge the going rate for a professional moving company do not overbook. There is not reason to do that. Consequently, people that move with reputable, professional moving companies do not need to worry about being stranded.

In the moving business, cheap can be expensive.


Low Cost Movers Leave You Stranded

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