We monitor what is going on in the moving industry and keep note of the scams going on around the country. Why? We want you to know what you may be in for if you choose the wrong moving company. It is important to choose fast and friendly movers you can trust. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why.

Here is a story about a moving company called Uncle Sam’s. Or what was maybe a moving company called Uncle Sam’s. They no longer exist and the couples furniture is gone too. You can read more about it below.

Take not that they used a moving broker and the broker set them up with this moving company. Never trust brokers. Work directly with the movers. That is the best way to have a stress-free move.


Here is another story involving Las Vegas. People seem to have a lot of trouble when moving to Las Vegas. This moving truck got stolen during the night while en route to the destination. Nothing to be done about the furniture. The problem these people has was getting the insurance company to pay. If you encounter this situation, do like these people did: contact the media.


Evidently, gangs of thieves pray on moving companies. This happens more on long distance moves when the movers have to rest overnight and leave the trucks unattended. If you are moving locally, this is usually not a problem because moves are usually completed in one day.

The Moral Of These Moving Stories

Don’t move to Las Vegas! Just kidding. The thing to do is to thoroughly vet the moving company you are planning to use for your move. Don’t take a risk with a company that seems shady. Don’t use a broker. Make sure your belongings are insured if they have a substantial value and you are moving a long distance. And pick a moving company you can trust. Choose Paul Hauls.

Moving Scams Novemeber 2013

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