School has begun again in Pinellas County. The 2013-14 school season has begun and the kids are back into their school routines. School opened on the 19th of August here in Pinellas County. The summer moving season, although we still have some summer left, usually slows down after school starts.

Many families with kids in school like to get the moves done before school begins. It is not such a big deal for adults to move, but moving can be more disruptive to kids. Starting at a new school is big deal for kids and they don’t like to start at a new school after it has begun.

A Busy Moving Season

You would think that things are slowing down, but that is not the case, we are still super busy moving people all over the Tampa Bay. Thanks, to you, our loyal customers, we have had a super summer and there is not shortage of work to do. The Tampa Bay is a big metropolitan center and it does not slow down. The people of Tampa keep moving and so do we.

Pinellas Has Excellent Schools

Pinellas County has an excellent education system. If you already live in Pinellas, or Tampa Bay, you already know this. However, if you are from out of the area, you many not. Here are some links for those of you who are interested in learning a little more about the Pinellas County schools. – This is the main page for the Pinellas County school district. Here you will find all kinds of information, including an informative back to school guide. It covers the basics, such as registration, dress code requirements, immunizations and the other requirements for the kids attending during the calendar year. – This is an interesting article about some of the changes coming up this year and issues the schools are facing. Mainly, it is about the changes in the dress codes and how they differ slightly from school to school. – Information about school lunch programs available at 58 Pinellas County schools. – Last, but not least is a wiki page on the Pinellas County school system. It has a little history, a long list of all the schools in the school district.

New School Year In Pinellas County

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