Thanks to our awesome customers, we’re growing!

New Moving Trailer Side ViewDemand for our moving services this year has never been stronger. At the beginning of the year and well into spring we were quite frankly unable to keep up with demand and had to turn a number of potential customers away simply because we were too busy. So, this spring we decided it was time to add another truck and trailer to our fleet and placed an order with a local manufacturer to build a new moving trailer.

This summer we were able to put the new truck and trailer on-line and begin using them to move local residents here in the Tampa Bay.

Quality And Customer Service

Moving Endorsements From BBB And Angie's List

We are very proud of this new development. We have always prided ourselves on quality and customer service. Excellent quality and exceptional customer service are the cornerstones of our moving service. The key to having any success is having high standards. Why do anything if you are not going to do it well. This focus on customer satisfaction has keep us busy and helped us grow.

Below are some pictures of our two moving trucks together on a move we recently made in South Tampa. You’ll notice that the trucks are clean and well kept. Compare that to some of the trucks you see driving around. This part of the story. This is where the quality begins. We pay attention to the details. We bring high quality equipment and qualified professional movers to every job. We do this because we want you to have a high-quality stress-free move and tell you friends about our moving company.

Lastly, we want to thank you, our customers, for spreading the word about Paul Hauls Moving And Storage. We appreciate you choosing Paul Hauls as you moving provider. We can’t do this without you.

Davis Island Moving Day With New Trailer

Davis Island Moving Day Both Trailers

We’re Growing
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