Clearwater Dolphins. Clearwater is hosting 26 of the 56 delegates for the Republican National Convention. That is almost half of the delegates. The RNC is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the Tampa Bay Area as an awesome vacation destination. One of the things that Clewarwater has done is to set up an exhibit at Pier 60 Park in Clearwater Beach  showcasing some of the local artists. The exhibit consists of 50 fiberglass dolphins decorated in creative ways.

The dolphins create a festive and fun atmosphere for the delegates while they are here. I went out there recently and took some photos of the dolphins. Then I walked out to the pier and looked out over the beach. It had been a while since I was at Clearwater Beach. Luckily, it was a fantastic day. The sun was shining and there was a light ocean breeze keeping it cool. A day like that reminds us of the beauty of Florida and the spectacular beaches we are blessed with. I hope, as many of us do here in Clearwater and the rest of Pinellas, that the delegates take home with them stories of the wonderful beaches and activities here.

I know that days like this will make people want to come back, or like me, never leave.

Here are some of the dolphins that were on display.

Ball Player Dolphin Clearwater RNC Dolphin Display

Hoola Dolphin Clearwater RNC Dolphin Display

Pirate Dolphin Clearwater RNC Dolphin Display

Florida Postcard Dolphin Clearwater RNC Dolphin Display

Fun On Clearwater Beach, Florida

Clearwater Dolphins
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