For some reason, even in Florida, where the weather is good all year around, spring and summer are the busy moving seasons. In the colder parts of the country, you would expect people to wait out the winter and bad weather, but in Florida, the winter weather is just as nice as the summer weather in other parts of the country.

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Make A Spring Move In Tampa Bay

So, why the big difference? Well, for one, people moving to Florida from some of the colder parts of the country will move in the spring and summer regardless of the weather here in Florida. That alone will make the spring and summer busier moving months. But, local and Florida state-wide moves are much more prevalent also.

If you look at the animal kingdom and the migration of animals, there is a pattern and a time for everything. Could we humans have the same genetic code that makes us want to move at particular times of the year. I smell a government-sponsored university study here. But we ar not going to contact our Congressman and ask for research funding. We are just doing a little speculating. Although people move for many reasons, we have a natural tendency to want to move after winter. Spring is the time for renewal and change after all.

All this spring and summer moving means that demand is high during the spring and summer. When demand is high, all the movers are busy and it is difficult to find a good mover to move your family and belongings. You need to book out sometimes a month to get the mover you want to move with. Also, prices go up on the spring and summer, especially the summer at the height of the moving season.

So, if you have been planning to move, now may be the right time. We are still at the end of the winter season and the prices are still good. Or if you are planning to move later in the spring, shedule a move and lock in the good prices. You know the old say, the early worm gets the bird. This even applies in moving. Move early in spring and get great service adn great prices.

Make A Spring Move
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