Clearwater is another city here in Pinellas County that we like. In fact, we lived in Clearwater until a couple of years ago when we moved to Palm Harbor. As a Clearwater moving company, we often find ourselves out and about in Clearwater helping people move.

A lot of people think of this area as Tampa-St. Pete, but they should think of it as Tampa-St. Pete-Clearwater. Clearwater is the third largest city in the Tampa Bay Area and if you draw a line between those cities you have a nice little triangle.

Clearwater is not a huge city, but it does have over 100,000 residents. The main thoroughfare is Gulf-to-Bay boulevard and is does just what the name implied. It runs from Tampa bay on one side to the Gulf of Mexico on the other. Of course, we live in Florida, so Clearwater Beach is a huge destination, but we’ll write about that in another post.

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Gulf-to-Bay connects just about everything in Clearwater. It is the main shopping street not just for Clearwater, but for many of the neighboring communities. There is a big shipping mall on the corner of 19th and Gulf-to-Bay. One stretch is lined with car dealers and many of the top national retailers like Home Depot and Sam’s Club.

Aside from the beach, there are lots of things to do and a well rounded community for the whole family. Each year Clearwater hosts a series of festivals. It hosts the Sun N Fun Festival through the Pinellas Parks and Recreation.  It has the popular Clearwater Jazz Holiday in October of each year. If you are a boatie, you can drop your anchor in the ICW to watch the jazz from the water just as long as your boat does not draw too much below the waterline.

Downtown Clearwater has been undergoing a renovation in recent years and is starting to look really nice. There has been a lot of thought by the city planners on how to attract people back to the area. There are a couple of new housing developments with luxury apartments, and the main drag has had a facelift.

Are you planning on moving to Clearwater, Florida. If so, keep us in mind. We are a great choice for you Clearwater movers. Clearwater is a really a nice place. We moved a few miles north but because we found a great home, but there are times when we miss being in Clearwater.

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