Cheap mover Palm Harbor. Cheap mover Clearwater. Cheap mover Dunedin. Those ads are all over the place. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Who doesn’t want to get a cheap mover. Well, you should not want to get a cheap mover. You should want to get a reliable professional mover, a mover with a quality rating at the BBB and good references.
More often than not the lure of big cost savings will end up vanishing into thin air. If most movers offer their services for similar costs and one or two offer huge discounts you can bet that their profit is made up in hidden costs for you or hidden risks. Otherwise it would be impossible for them to stay in business.

Hidden Costs

How are hidden costs added to the cheap mover’s bill? The most obvious way to add cost is to waist time. Add a couple of hours of straggling and you getting close to the standard rates. Use lower quality materials. You call the low cost moving company and next thing you know it’s only low cost if you buy their cheap stuff.
Good reputable movers repair or replace damaged items. The cheap mover? No way! Try getting your refund and tell us about your experience.

Hidden Dangers

So those are some of the hidden costs. What about the hidden dangers? There is not much danger when a cheap mover breaks down on the way to your home because of poor-quality equipment. But there is risk when the cheap mover hires people off the street or
just out of jail. Do you want those people in your home? I don’t think so! The cheap mover will pick up cheap labor without the expense of a background check. The workers will be a merry-go-round of misfits dropping things, nursing hangovers, and calling
their parole officers on their cell phones. That is not the only danger, some of these cheap moving outfits are pure scams. Fly-by-night operations can be fronts for criminal gangs trying to gain access to your home. Moved one day, robbed the next.

Move with Confidence

Your belongings are valuable. Don’t let these people move you. When you pay a standard wage you usually get the quality service that you expect. Get a professional moving company and feel confident about the people moving you belongings.
Move with confidence!

Cheap Mover – Hidden Cost
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