April 2017 was a busy moving period for us. We moved plenty of folks here in Tampa Bay, but we also got to opportunity to go to some nice places outside of the Tampa area. We went on a move to Gainesville, Florida, and Melbourne, Florida. We were also in Lutz, but that is just a a short distance north of Tampa, so we consider it a Tampa Bay move. If you look at the pictures on our website on the different pages, you will notice that people in Florida have some nice homes.

Relatively speaking, you can get a very nice place in Florida at an affordable price. Well, maybe not as affordable as maybe Nebraska or North Dakota, but if you come from a major metropolitan are like New York, or Dallas, then the prices will seem very reasonable. Affordable homes, is, after all, one of the reasons so many choose to retire to Florida.

The main reason for this post is to show some nice pictures of homes we moved people into and out of in April this year, so here they are…

April 2017 Moving Roundup

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