One of the ways to tell between and amateur moving company and a professional moving company is to look at how the truck is packed. Professionals packers arrange the boxes and furniture so it is tightly packed in the truck. When you look inside, there is almost no space between the items. When your belongings are packed with this level of skill and professionalism, there is very little likelihood that they are damaged in transit.

exper packers moving companyBig moving organizations like UPS pack trucks this way. Every inch of space is used, not just to get more into a truck, but to ensure that no items are damaged. When furniture and boxes are packed loosely, then there is always more risk of damage. An abrupt stop can toss things around and break them. Even a quick unexpected turn can cause damage when the packing is not up to par. However, when the packages and furniture are tightly packed, quick stops and unexpected turns are not a problem. The tight packing keeps the packages from bouncing off each other and creating a mess inside the truck.

When you are in the market for a moving company, take notice of how they pack. See if you can find some pics on their website that indicate quality and professionalism. Then decide.

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