The summer in Tampa is the busy moving season. From May to August, everyone wants to get that move done.This summer, we were once again booked to the hilt. There were not enough days in the week for us. We could have used a couple more days each week. So, we want to thank folks in Tampa Bay for choosing Paul Hauls as their moving company.

This summer we added a new feature to our website. We created a Pinterest portfolio. We did this so people coming to our website could see pictures of the equipment, the crew, and the other people around Tampa Bay that put trust in our moving company. These pics help when people who are planning a move. It takes theĀ  mystery out of the equation. Potential clients like yourself can see that we are all over Tampa Bay and move homes big and small. Click on the images in the sidebar to see our Pinterest pictures.

Seeing all these moves in Tampa Bay, also helps you avoid scammers. There are plenty of scam moving companies ready to take advantage of unwary people. The scam movers will probably have websites full of stock photos. They certainly will not have tons of photos of moves all around the local area that you can review. Our Pinterest pics show who we are and what we do. No surprises.

This summer moving season was marked by good weather (may it continue). There were no tropical storms, and conditions were generally good. Well, it was hot. But it’s always hot in the summer! All around, this was a good summer for Paul Hauls. We hope it was a good summer for you too.

Mid September Marks End Of Moving Season In Tampa Bay

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