Not all moves are long distance or across town. Often people just make short local moves. A promotion or a great savings plan can lead to the purchase of a new home. A marriage and children can lead to the purchase of a new home. There are many reasons for the purchase of a new home. Often, people just want or need something a little bigger.

If you live in a great place like Tarpon Springs, then more often or not, you want to stay. The purchase of a new home will most likely be in the same town, just a few miles away. Recently we did just such a move. Take a look at these photos of the move.


This family went from one beautiful home to another in Tarpon Springs. As you can see, the change was  modest. The home they moved from was one story and the home they moved to was two stories. So, they added a little space and stayed in the same wonderful town of Tarpon. To read more about Tarpon Springs, take a look here and here.

Short Local Move In Tarpon Springs

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