Pinellas Park Gators. If you are thinking of moving to Pinellas Park, you may want to read this article that recently appeared on Bay News 9. They found a big gator in a lake. The gator had to be removed because of its vicinity to people. Now, if you are not familiar with Florida, you may think that this is unusual, and it is unusual for find such a large gator in a suburban area. But, there are lots of smaller gators lurking in smaller lakes and retention ponds all over the state, not just Pinellas Park.

Alligators are part of our Florida ecology. Alligators are mainly found in Louisiana  and Florida. There are over a million in each state. You can read a little more about alligators on Wikipedia. I just wanted to point out a fun local story about alligators.

Pinellas Park Gators
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