A Small Move. If you have read some of our previous posts on moving scams and just bad experiences people seem to have when moving, you know that you need to be careful. Trust a quality brand like Paul Hauls to do your moving. Here are a couple of recent articles from the web about some nasty surprises people experienced with disreputable movers.

Hijacking Furniture

Hijacking furniture seems to be the the crime of choice for some long distance movers. There is a new story like this every week. Somebody wanted to save some money so they chose a low cost unknown brand mover. The mover hijacked the furniture and held if for ransom, and a painful experience ensued. The same thing can happen locally, but mostly this is a problem when you move from state to state.  You can read about it here.

The Wrong Local Movers

In this second story, a young lady decided to go with pro’s instead of her friends, and got total losers instead. Now, generally speaking, it is a good idea to get professional movers in this situation. Most professional movers will have an grievance system in place like the BBB. This allows customers to get money back for any damaged furniture. What if those friends dropped a big dresser and seriously damaged it. She would have been out of a lot of money. Insured professional movers resolve issues like that no problem. Unfortunately for this young lady, she chose the wrong local movers. Read more of here story here.

Choose A Reputable Brand

Please remember, a quality reputable brand is an important consideration when moving. Don’t get fooled by the lowest bid. The lowest bid is the gateway to all this trouble. More important is to find a moving company you can trust.


It Was Only A Small Move
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