The links below are some of the latest moving news stories from around the web. We hope that you find these stories interesting and help you understand some of the things going on in the moving business.

Congress Taking Action

Moving company scams continue. Evidently this is such a big issue these days that congressional staffers are writing to Google, Bing, and Yahoo complaining. This has been an issue for the folks in Washington D.C since sometime this summer. I’m not sure what affect all this will have. Scam companies do not seem to make big efforts to comply with the law and I don’t see how the search engines are going to be able to determine which company is a scam company and which is not. That seems like an impossible task. Better is for the consumer to be informed and do the homework  before the move.

Read more on The Hill.

More Furniture Held Hostage

More Furniture held hostage. This article describes a common problem that we write about and happens all the time. Movers like to low-ball and then hold the furniture hostage to get a better price. This article goes into some of the ways to avoid this problem. These are some of the things we have been saying all along. Check the BBB status. Read the reviews. Don’t go for the lowest price.

Bottom line is that you should investigate before you buy. If it sounds too good to be true, then most likely it is shady and you should avoid the company. Trust in known brands and companies that have established track records and a history of quality service.

Moving News Stories This Week 9-26-12
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