Moving Stories This Week. We send you these stories to show you why you want to work with a reputable firm. These scams and outrageous acts happen all the time. Why do we show them to you? We want you to select us as your moving company, of course. We tell prospective clients to be careful all the time on the phone. If it sounds too good to be true, most of the time it is.

Good quality movers cost about the same. They are licensed and bonded. Some of them are on Angie’s list and the BBB. The main thing I want you to take away from these stories is that make the right choice with a quality moving company always pays off. Most of the time it is when you are cutting corners that you get into trouble and end up paying for it.

Here an unlicensed moving company hijacks the belongings of the client.

These characters were operating without a license.

More furniture taken hostage.

A theft in Huston by unsavory movers.

Okay, if you read some of these articles, you will take note of a couple of things. First, a license is a basic requirement that you should always check. This will eliminate much of the dross. Second, if you have small, very valuable items, keep them with you!

Moving Stories This Week In August
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