Rogue Movers. Moving seems to be an industry that has lots of scammers. You need to be extra careful choosing a good moving company. It seems like every day there is another story about a person having a bad experience with unreputable moving companies. It’s so bad that there is now a name for these bad apples in Washington D.C. Rouge Movers.

Here is an article about rouge movers in Reuters.

We are going link to these stories from around the web so you can get an idea of what the scams are and how to avoid them. Take a look at our Moving Scams category to see all the articles on moving scams. Arm yourself with information!

Movers You Can Trust

It seems that these types of events happen when people go for the super cheap moving company, thinking that there is not much difference between movers. This kind of thinking often leads to disaster. If you read some of the stories on this blog you can see what happens. Stress, extra costs, and all kinds of misery can befall the unwary. Always choose a moving company that has good reviews and a reputation for quality. This does not guarantee there will not be any problems, but it takes much of the risk out of the equation.


Rogue Movers
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