I saw this article on the Internet today about a woman who cannot get her belongings back from the moving company, including her dead husband’s ashes. If you think that any old moving company will do, think again. There are plenty of stories like this one on the Internet.

When you read the story you quickly realized that the woman who moved was not aware of a charge for extra weight. So, the first lesson here is to make sure as a buyer that there are no hidden costs. Read all the small print in the contract, especially if you are moving across the country. If you are making a local or intra-state move, you can still end up being in for a surprise like this woman.

How do you protect yourself? Make sure you understand the contract you are signing and do your homework on the moving company. Do they have a good reputation? Is the contract understandable and straight forward? Make sure you know all the potential charges after the contract is signed, like added cost for weight. That will help you quite a bit.

Moving? Choose Your Moving Company Wisely
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