Palm Harbor will be hosting two groups of delegates for the RNC convention is Tampa this year. They will be staying at the Innisbrook Resort & Golf Club. The rest of the delegates will hosted at venues around the Tampa Bay Area. The majority of the delegates are in Tampa, but there are a number of them that are staying in different areas of Pinellas County. There seems to be a good mix of locations in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties, which will make businesses around the Bay Area happy that the cash is being spread around.

This should all be making the Florida republicans happy, but there seems to be some grumbling among the Florida RNC delegation. Evidently the Innisbrook is not good enough or close enough for the Florida delegates.The leader of the delegation made that apparent in his remarks to a Tampa Bay Times reporter.

There is an amusing story about this in the Tampa Bay Times. Some more on this at the Palm Harbor Patch.

Evidently, they do not look at this location as the best available. In fact, it is quite a snub for the local Florida delegates from what they are saying. You can read the whole article there. They rented out 420 rooms, so there are quite a a few people coming and staying in Palm Harbor. I’m sure that Palm Harbor businesses will be hoping that they take time to spend a little cash locally.

If the Innisbrook is the dog house, then it is a very nice dog house. The Innisbrook is actually a very posh and luxurious place with a high rating at TripAdvisor.

Those delegates may not want to complain too loudly. It might make them look bad. After all, Florida is the host, not the guest for the RNC convention. Maybe Mr. Curry should have been a “good soldier” and kept his opinion to himself.  There were no complaints coming from the South Carolina delegation staying at the Innisbrook.  At least that is how I am seeing it.

RNC Delegates Staying At Innisbrook Resort in Palm Harbor
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