There are lots of options for people on the move. Moving companies these days come in about as many flavors as ice cream. While there are lots of options, it really boils down to a choice between local movers and national movers. While there is an argument for national movers when you are moving between states or across the country, but when you are making a local move, or a move from one part of the state to another, you are best served by local movers.

Local Mover In Pinellas County
Local Mover In Pinellas County

Good Local Mover Qualities

There are lots of good qualities in local movers. First they tend to be smaller and more nimble than their big counterparts. How so? Let’s say that you have a glitch in your schedule and need to change the moving time. A local mover will be in a much better position to change the schedule, without adding an additional cost. Local movers tend to be less expensive than national movers, so when you go with a local mover, you’ll save on cost.

Some of the benefits of national movers are overblown when moving locally or moving from one county to the next. Let’s take insurance for example. A good local moving company will have insurance. Licensing: the local moving company you want to hire will have that too. And as far as quality is concerned, a good reputable local mover will have a trained and experienced crew. Not only that, but if you have an issue, which is better, working with a local businessman or a national corporation. In this area local movers win hands down.

Local Movers Win With Quality Cost And Convenience

Yes. You can have your cake and eat it too if you make your next local move with a quality local moving company. Not only will you win with the quality, cost and convenience of moving with a local moving company, but you will be benefiting the local economy. I know, that may not matter to you. After all, you just want to keep your cost down and make sure your stuff gets moved on time without being damaged. A good local mover will get that done. Benefiting the local economy is just an extra bonus on top of all the other benefits of moving with local movers. Who does not want to to that? Keep it local, I say!

Some Local Mover Gotcha’s

Well, by now I hope you are convinced that you should be looking to choose a local mover for your next move. But there are a few things to watch out for when choosing a local moving company. For all the fantastic benefits there are a few scoundrels who tarnish the reputation of local movers. The good news is that they are easily avoided with a little investigation. Here is what you do. Look at the reviews. If they have lots of good reviews, you can check that off. Then take a look to see if they are licensed and insured. You only want to deal with licensed and insured local movers. The third question that always comes to my mind is how long have they been in business. If they just started, then you are taking a risk. If they have five or more years under their belt, then you can bet that they know what they are doing. So, when you are looking for a moving company, choose a local mover and make sure that they meet the criteria listed above. Doing these things will ensure that your local move is high quality and low cost.

Local Mover
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  • January 5, 2013 at 8:37 pm

    Not to get off topic but We’re looking to move to another local area and are looking for an honest moving company. We were curious about using this company, Movers4Less 1992 N Main St Walnut Creek, CA 94596 – 925-309-6130. Is there some sort of movers fraud or review website I can use to do a background check?

  • January 6, 2013 at 2:11 pm

    I’m not aware of a company specifically dedicated to identifying bad moving companies. However, you may want to look at some indicators of potential problems. What you want to look at is if they have endorsements and reviews. Do they have a website that shows pictures of their vehicles? Do they have a good web presence? These are things you should evaluate before making a decision. I hope that helps.

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